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Milton Keynes is fast-becoming 'the' address for ambitious companies.

Home to more than 150 head office operations, representing diverse industry sectors including consumer finance, retail, banking, industrial products, financial technologies, IT outsourcing, leisure and social care including:

Volkswagen Group - UK HQ
National House Building Council (NHBC) - HQ
Domino's Pizza - UK HQ
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing - HQ
Makita - UK HQ
Mercedes-Benz - UK HQ
Xero - UK HQ
Rightmove Group - HQ
Suzuki GB - UK HQ
Volkswagen Financial Services - UK HQ
Yamaha Music Europe GmbH - UK HQ

Milton Keynes has everything you need in a HQ location. A highly skilled talent pool on your doorstep; a well-connected city with fast links to the rest of the country; and less than an hour away from flights to every major city in the world. And a wide choice of opportunities when it comes to office properties.

We can provide ready-to-occupy prestigious offices or a wide choice of design and build options in and around the city.

MK is more than a headquarters location, it is a natural home of business.