Expanded Retail Relief

The value of discount will be 100% of the bill, after any other reliefs have been applied.

The relief will apply to occupied retail, leisure and hospitality properties for the year 2020/21 and will mean that these types of businesses will not have to pay business rates for the financial year 2020/21

Details of the types of business that will be eligible can be found in the document below.

The relief does not apply to an empty property unless the property has been closed temporarily due to the government’s advice on COVID19, in which case it will treated as it was occupied. If a property should become unoccupied during 2020/21 for any other reason the relief will end.

The relief can be awarded to more than one property for the same ratepayer.

The Government is bringing forward legislation to amend the rules around State Aid and therefore this will remove the previous restriction on awarding the relief where there were state aid limits.

Ratepayers do not need to apply for this, we will identify qualifying properties and apply the relief as soon as we can (waiting for software update – should be by early May).


We will not take the April direct debit from qualifying properties, ratepayers should be advised not to cancel their direct debit at the bank. Non – DD payers do not need to pay their April instalment.