Location Information

One of the UK's fastest growing cities

Designed for growth, Milton Keynes is truly unique, by design.

Milton Keynes’ strategic location at the heart of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc and excellent transport connectivity have been key factors in attracting major business operations to the city.

While benefiting from the reduced costs of an out-of-London location, businesses located in Milton Keynes can access central London in just 32 minutes (by rail). That makes the city an extension of ‘Europe’s business capital’, while enabling faster access to other UK business centres than can be achieved from a London base.

Milton Keynes benefits from significantly better international connectivity than the UK’s major provincial cities. Fast, direct access to the London airports system, as well as Birmingham airport, means that Milton Keynes-based business travellers can access more than 400 direct and hub-feeder air services in less than 1 hour.

Milton Keynes has a thriving business base of more than 14,000 businesses, made up of thousands of local start-ups and home-grown success stories, and hundreds of firms that have relocated here from elsewhere.

Average salaries and property costs are significantly lower than London and the South East which means lower overall operating costs.

The best evidence for the profit-generating power of Milton Keynes can be seen in the growth and success of our companies.