MK:3D App

The  Map App is being incorporated into the Councils Invest MK website, making it available on PC and Tablet as well as a mobile phone.  The App is now live and ready for you.

The  MK:3D Map App is an interactive digital map of Milton Keynes; a digital tool that is accessible to all and is focused on city development and city promotion, showcasing ourselves as a city of innovation and opportunity with space for the business and visitor economy to grow.


  • A city wide App that brings all the individual attractions and opportunities in Milton Keynes onto one mobile platform.
  • A marketing and showcasing  tool to enhance the business and visitor economy in MK
  • Explore Milton Keynes via the map or use the search function
    to find a particular business or visitor attraction and jump into their website
  • Get the latest news and events in Milton Keynes

Electric Vehicle Charging Page

Gives EV drivers knowledge about where they can park and charge their electric vehicles around Milton Keynes.

  • Find Electric Vehicle charging points
  • A simple traffic light system of red, amber, green shows which charging bays are empty and the type of charger available (slow, fast or rapid

Links Page

As its name suggests, the links section lists a series of links to other websites related to MK Council and other prominent organisations.

  • Connect to a selection Milton Keynes Council website pages
  • Connect to websites of prominent Visitor organisations
  • Connect to websites of prominent Business organisations

3D Imagery

  • View Milton Keynes iconic buildings in amazing 3D

We look forward to Exploring Milton Keynes with you