Key Sectors

With a business base that’s growing all the time and thousands of new homes being planned in the coming years, the Milton Keynes economy will provide countless business opportunities for all types of companies.

Milton Keynes is home to over 14,000 businesses enterprises covering an array of sectors. We have value propositions of our 4 key sectors in Milton Keynes. Each provides opportunities within dynamic industries giving a competitive edge for businesses.

Milton Keynes is home to one of the UK’s outstanding Digital Tech clusters, serving diverse industry sectors including FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech and High-Performance Engineering.

The city’s highly developed Business; financial professional Service cluster includes more than 400 head office and financial services companies, with a specialist workforce of more than 22,000 people.

Milton Keynes has a global reputation as one of the UK’s leading Distribution Hub’s in Central and South East England. The city’s optimal location, at the south-eastern periphery of England’s central logistics hub, provides businesses with unrivalled access to the UK national market, the high-income ‘London and South East England’ market, and Europe (via the Channel Tunnel and southern England ports).

Milton Keynes is the fast-growing city at the heart of England’s world-leading High-Performance Technologies (HPT) industry cluster. Located within 55 miles of London, Cambridge, Oxford and Coventry/Warwick, the city provides ‘HPT’ companies with access to cutting-edge technology research, specialist business accommodation, a highly developed advanced engineering supply chain and more than 100,000 specialist workers in the Midlands cluster.