Logistics & Distribution

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With more than 700 foreign-owned companies in Milton Keynes, it’s easy to see why we are such a successful international business city.
Companies choose to locate in Milton Keynes for many reasons, not least our pro-business, pro-growth attitude and our ability to provide the sites and properties suitable to the needs of the business.

Milton Keynes represents a unique location opportunity for logistics and distribution companies seeking to access high-value markets in the UK and Europe.

The city’s optimal location, at the south-eastern periphery of England’s central logistics hub, provides businesses with unrivalled access to the UK national market, the high-income ‘London and South East England’ market, and Europe (via the Channel Tunnel and southern England ports).

These location advantages are combined with potentially massive property cost savings versus South East England, and a unique, council-controlled portfolio of available, development-ready logistics and distribution sites.

Milton Keynes can provide the people that logistics business need too. The city offers a large-scale logistics workforce at highly competitive wage rates, world-leading logistics and supply chain knowledge, and the education infrastructure required to deliver specialist, logistics-focused vocational skills and qualifications.

Logistics Hub

The Milton Keynes logistics and distribution cluster comprises more than 70 companies employing 9,600 workers, or 6% of the City’s total workforce – almost four times the Great Britian average for the sector. Leading retailers and third party logistics providers within the cluster include:

  • John Lewis, one of the biggest and most respected retail brand names in the country, has its national distribution centre located in Milton Keynes, and has just completed its third automated centre situated close to junctions 13 and 14 of the M1. The company plans to employ up to 2,000 people by December 2016.
  • Waitrose has further invested in Milton Keynes during 2016 with the opening of a new state-of-the-art national distribution centre, one of the largest in the UK covering a site of 934,000 sq ft
  • River Island has a 466,558 sq ft distribution centre split between two units and is located on 23 acres at Magna Park
  • AG Barr completed and opened its 225,000 sq ft manufacturing and warehouse facility at Magna Park in 2013.
  • Brioche Pasquier completed its 160,000 sq ft manufacturing and distribution centre in Wymbush. There are plans to expand the site by a further 70,000 sq ft over the next five years.
  • Drinks firm Coca Cola has been in Milton Keynes since 1976 with an operations centre and manufacturing site. The manufacturing site is the second largest Coca Cola facility in the UK, which also has the world’s first 2,000-can-per-minute filling machine for sparkling soft drinks and it installed a new £12m canning line in 2009.

Facts & Statistics

  • More than 45 million people can be reached within a 4.5 hour HGV drive time from Milton Keynes

  • Fast, direct access to the UK’s highest income consumer markets and multimodal freight terminals

  • Up to 45% land cost savings versus South East England logistics locations

  • The No.1 centre of logistics and Supply Chain knowledge outside of US

  • Up to 50% rental cost savings versus South East England logistics locations

  • 3.8 x more logistics and distribution workers than the UK average