High-Performance Technology

World-class HPT companies based in Milton Keynes include

  • Red Bull Racing – A leading F1 team, undertaking design, prototyping, manufacturing, simulation, testing and operations control in MK.
  • Prodrive – A world-leading motorsport and technology business, producing lightweight, high-performance components in MK.
  • IMS Evolve – Data analytics to deliver process automation, cost and efficiency savings and performance improvements for industry.
  • ITC Infotech – Specialists in software engineering, data analytics, connectivity and automation.

The Milton Keynes High-Performance Technologies Opportunity

Milton Keynes is the fast-growing city at the heart of England’s world-leading High-Performance Technologies (HPT) industry cluster.

Located within 55 miles of London, Cambridge, Oxford and Coventry/Warwick, the city provides ‘HPT’ companies with access to cutting-edge technology research, specialist business accommodation, a highly developed advanced engineering supply chain and more than 100,000 specialist workers in the Midlands cluster.

Milton Keynes combines advanced engineering excellence with one the UK’s outstanding concentrations of digital tech workers and expertise. This unique technology ecosystem delivers the specific capabilities demanded by companies serving performance-driven sectors including motorsport, automotive, aerospace, defence and healthcare.

That’s why businesses including Red Bull Racing, Prodrive and IMS Evolve, as well as the Catapult Connected places research centre, have chosen to locate and expand their operations in Milton Keynes.

Companies within the Milton Keynes HPT cluster are characterised by high levels of R&D, continual innovation and the application of diverse technologies to deliver both step-change and marginal performance improvements.

Key technology competencies include:

  • Propulsion
  • Sensors
  • Connectivity
  • Big Data Analytics & Knowledge-Based Automation
  • Advanced Materials
  • Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Technological expertise enables performance improvements in key areas including:

  • Engineering Processes
  • Systems Design
  • Sustainability
  • Emissions
  • Light Weighting
  • Aerodynamics and Rapid Prototyping

Many companies are focused on the performance automotive sector, and agility is a key characteristic. Technologies are applied across high-value industry sectors including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Health

Facts & Statistics

  • Just 55 miles from London, Cambridge, Oxford and Coventry/Warwick

  • The UK's fastest growing city

  • Specialist accommodation for growing high-tech companies

  • A UK leading digital technology knowledge hub

  • At the heart of England's High-Performance (HPT) industry cluster

  • World class universities, education and research centres

  • A highly developed Advanced Engineering supply chain