Milton Keynes is truly unique, by design

Our unique story has created a city that is not just different, but is better by design. Better for the people who live and work here; and better for the businesses that choose to locate here.

Milton Keynes has always been synonymous with growth, sitting at an important economic and strategic crossroads. The development of the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc is becoming increasing important, especially given the infrastructure and housing investment planned for the area. In addition, Milton Keynes lies along the Euston-Birmingham rail line, providing connections to many of the UK’s key economic centres, including London, Birmingham and Manchester. With connections to the M1, west-coast mainline, coach network and east-west rail links.

The central location of Milton Keynes has certainly given Nampak a strategic advantage with regards to distribution, especially considering it is the largest site in the UK

, Nampak Plastics

Facts & Statistics

  • A UK leading digital technology knowledge hub

  • Just 55 miles from London, Cambridge, Oxford and Coventry/Warwick

  • Milton Keynes is the centre of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc

  • More than 45 million people can be reached within a 4.5 hour HGV drive time from Milton Keynes