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Business support and partners

Milton Keynes City has a vibrant business economy as a city of firsts and innovation, not to mention one of the best start-up locations in the UK.  A city of progression, constantly striving forward, empowering existing businesses, whilst supporting start-ups find their feet.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and are best placed to support and advise your business to start, grow, thrive and survive here in Milton Keynes.

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Understanding business support

Arts and heritage alliance Milton Keynes

The Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes (AHA-MK) is a member forum of organisations that promote, represent, and develops arts and heritage, collaboratively delivering or supporting exciting activities.

Chamber MK

Chamber MK was established in 2013, working hard and offers a host of events in person and virtually to allow business members to share knowledge, empower growth and be part of a business community.

Economic Recovery Plan

The Economic recovery fund was set to be distributed to community groups, organisations and companies within the area of Milton Keynes with a focus on three main areas:

  1. Supporting MK People
  2. Supporting MK Businesses
  3. Supporting our City

The Economic Development Team has worked on building key partnerships with selected organisations to support the development of schemes which has led to over 3,600 Milton Keynes residents and 1000 businesses directly benefitting during the first 24 months of the programme.

Read the Economic Recovery Plan for more information.

Federation of small businesses

Federation of small business is a not for profit small business advice, financial expertise, support and membership group to help small businesses.

For more information visit the website.

Low carbon workspaces

Low Carbon Workspaces offers small and medium-sized businesses in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes grants of between £1,000 and £6,750 to cover up to a third of the cost of making energy improvements.

More information is available on the low carbon workspaces website.


Milton Keynes Business improvement district - MKBID

Milton Keynes Business Improvement District. MyMiltonKeynes is a business-funded partnership that gives businesses within the Central Milton Keynes area the power to get together, decide what improvements they want to make in their city centre and how they will be managed.

Visit the MKBID website for more information.

MK business leaders’ partnership

MKBLP was formed in 2008 and is committed to being a representative body of the diverse business community in Milton Keynes. It strives to be a valued and authoritative influencing voice, focussed towards investing in, and celebrating, both the continued and sustained growth of business, community, people, and skills within Milton Keynes, through innovation, partnership, and collaboration.

South East Midlands Growth Hub

The South East Midlands Growth Hub provides free business advice and guidance to businesses and charities. They’re a multipurpose, multifunctional hub that goes above and beyond for all businesses, regardless of their size or industry.  

Operating across the whole South East Midlands, they provide:


Business intelligence: To all businesses, no matter their size. Their business advisers provide expert advice across all aspects of business operations, including finance, marketing, HR, and strategy. All support it is personalised and tailored to the needs of each business we help.

Funding & Grants: They assist businesses in accessing funding opportunities and grants to fuel their growth initiatives. Through strategic partnerships and extensive networks, we connect businesses with the resources they need to expand their operations and drive innovation.

Resource Provision: Their free Resource Library serves as a centralised repository of resources for businesses to access. Including workshops, seminars, online tools, and educational materials.

Network & Support Partnerships: Their monthly Network & Learn events series connects business professionals to each other. Each month, the Growth Hub offers the opportunity to connect, share challenges, and build meaningful and lasting business relationships. Each event deep dives into a day-to-day challenge all businesses face, providing valuable insights into how businesses can tackle these challenges.


Overcome your business challenges, realise your potential, and generate growth – visit the Growth Hub today.

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Workplace health and wellbeing hub

Information to support workplaces across Milton Keynes, Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire to improve the health and wellbeing of employees.

More information on workplace health can be found on the Milton Keynes City Council website.