Camphill Milton Keynes: Not just a business but a Community Dedicated to Inclusion and Support


Nestled in the heart of Milton Keynes, Camphill is not just a collection of buildings, but a vibrant community dedicated to inclusion, support, and empowerment. Founded on the principles of Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy, the Milton Keynes community was establishment in 1981.


At Camphill MK, residents live together in shared households, forming close-knit family-like units. Each household is comprised of individuals with diverse abilities who work together to maintain their home and participate in community activities. Through meaningful work, such as gardening, crafting, and cooking, residents develop practical skills and contribute to the functioning of the community with daily workshops supporting their development and sense of purpose.


In the past 18 months Camphill MK has been a hive of activity with the launch of a major expansion programme. Works are well underway to build new accessible homes for their ageing residents and new community members. The fundraising target is a whopping £15 million and as part of the new planned accessible homes, they are redesigning their landscape to suit the community better and to ensure that they continue to provide an environmentally sustainable environment which promotes health and wellbeing


Camphill MK operates a community cafe and bakery, where residents and staff work together to prepare and serve delicious homemade treats to serve to visitors in the community. The new 'Roundhouse Paddock' sees the transfer of the allotment from Pennyland to the Willen paddock – bringing it 1-mile closer to most of the residents housing.  This ensures zero miles on the food grown for their houses and the onsite vegetarian Café.


In a world where individuals with disabilities often face barriers to inclusion and participation, Camphill MK stands as a beacon of hope and possibility. Through its holistic approach to care, education, and community life, Camphill MK empowers individuals with special needs to realize their full potential and live meaningful, fulfilling lives.