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Talent and skills

Milton Keynes is a growing city with a thriving business community.

If you are looking for business talent in Milton Keynes, there are several options available to you, by leveraging these resources, you can connect with qualified candidates and build a talented team for your business.

Local universities

The city of Milton Keynes is the largest urban area in the UK without a dedicated residential university. However, in partnership with Cranfield University, the Council is developing plans for MK:U, a new city centre university. 

The city is also home to the Open University and Cranfield University, an internationally renown postgraduate university, which is located 7miles outside of the city centre. These institutions attract a diverse group of talented individuals who may be looking for career opportunities in the area.

Jobs boards

There are several job boards specific to the Milton Keynes area, such as MK Jobs and Indeed MK. These job boards can help you connect with local talent and find qualified candidates for your business.

Professional networking events

Milton Keynes has a vibrant business community with many professional networking events and organizations, such as the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce. Attending these events can help you meet local professionals and build relationships with potential candidates.

Recruitment agencies

There are several recruitment agencies in Milton Keynes that specialize in connecting businesses with talent in the area. These agencies can help you find qualified candidates for your business and provide valuable insights into the local job market.